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Our Story

To us, wine is about togetherness. We believe great wine inspires connection and should be on hand to celebrate life’s small victories wherever you may be.

Inspired by the boundary pushers, feather rufflers and unconventional explorers, we purposefully designed our wines to be as well-suited for fine dining as they are for unrefined adventuring. Freeing you to enjoy our palate-pleasing wines on a mountain top, by the ocean or in your kitchen.



We set out to democratize fine wine in 2015...

Archer Roose was born at the dinner table. While lamenting to friends about the high cost of quality wine, our co-founders and wine lovers, Marian and Dave, began to seriously question the conventional wine model in the U.S.

With Dave's experience running an award-winning winery, they were able to pinpoint the inefficiencies of the wine market and build a re-imagined supply chain. By becoming their own importers and using alternative packaging, our founders were able to ship wine in bulk to the U.S. at a much lower cost -- meaning luxury-at-a-discount-wines in planet-friendly formats.

We haven't lost the clear ambition and adventurous spirit on which Archer Roose was founded, and continue to scour the best wine regions in the world to find partners who produce varietals every bit as luxurious as they are respectful to the environment.


...with wine brimming with character.

Born at the end of the 19th century in New York City, Archer Roose rebelled against the confines of her time to travel the world. Renowned for her absurd adventures and the famous friends she made along the way, her spirit lives on in our wine company. With each sip, we are dedicated to both pushing the status quo and the recognition that victories great and small deserve to be celebrated.



Meet Our Founders.

When Marian, the co-founder and publisher of the literary magazine Explosion-Proof, met David, the co-founder of award-winning winery Pheasant’s Tears, they knew the combination of wine and storytelling was simply simpatico.

Partners in life and in business, they built Archer Roose to reflect their shared passions and values: lively conversations, craftsmanship and a belief that we must all do our part to build a better world.

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