Bubbly Can

Bubbly Can


This can of delicious goodness hails from Veneto, Italy, the true birthplace of Prosecco. It’s frothy, and fruity -- perfect for completing your Aperol Spritz or simply sipping and savoring. Let’s face it: bubbles, not beer, is proof that God loves us.

250ML of wine in each can — sold individually or in 4packs.

FLAVOR NOTES // Starfruit with a good effervescence on the tongue

REGION // Veneto, Italy

VARIETALS // 70% Trebbiano, 25% Garganega & 5% Sauvignon Blanc


About Our Wines

SUSTAINABLY PRODUCED // Our partners are committed to making high-quality wine as naturally as possible -- meaning no herbicides, pesticides or artificial sulfates.

INDEPENDENTLY IMPORTED // We cut out the middleman by becoming our own importers to help us deliver luxurious wines from the best regions in the world at an affordable price point.

THOUGHTFULLY PACKAGED // Designed for portability and eco-friendly exquisitry – ditching the bottle results in a lower carbon footprint and less waste.