Chardonnay Box

Chardonnay Box


Trust us, this is not your Aunt Flora’s buttery, oaky Chard. Fresh from the French Riviera, this aromatic wine bursts with lemon and pineapple. Crisp, light and versatile, this gem pairs best with spontaneous shenanigans.

3L of wine in each box.

FLAVOR NOTES // Lemon, pineapple & citrus blossom

REGION // IGP Mediterranee -- Provence, France

WINEMAKER // Benjamin Mei

VARIETAL // 100% Chardonnay


About Our Wines

SUSTAINABLY PRODUCED // Our partners are committed to making high-quality wine as naturally as possible -- meaning no herbicides, pesticides or artificial sulfates.

INDEPENDENTLY IMPORTED // We cut out the middleman by becoming our own importers to help us deliver luxurious wines from the best regions in the world at an affordable price point.

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