Sauvignon Blanc


Our crisp, unoaked Sauvignon Blanc tastes of summer nights. It’s a young wine from an old place – the volcanic heart of Chile’s historic Casablanca Valley. With a tropical nose and bright finish, this wine pairs beautifully with your favorite fresh produce, and a side of lively conversation.

Culinary Delights to serve with our Sauvignon Blanc


Far from just a summer delight, our Sauvignon Blanc tastes delicious all year round. This wine's lightness and acidity is a delicious accompaniment while slurping Oysters.

If bivalves don't appeal, we love this Scalloped Tomatoe recipe for a hearty and flavorful vegetarian dish.


Luca Hodgkinson

Archer Roose winemaker, Luca Hodgkinson, believes wine is all about connection. "The connection between taste of a wine and the pleasure it brings, to the soil and land it has been produced from, is the essence of life." This ethos drives Luca to champion sustainable methods for all of our partners and to produce more natural wines.

As wine lovers, Luca believes we are perennial explorers. "Diversity is the beauty of wine and the best way to learn more is through travel... Wine is about experiences." This can be for far-flung sojourns or at the home with family and friends.

Favorite recipe: Escamarlans amb pollastre i xocolata,  a catalan dish of prawns, chicken in a wine and chocolate sauce.

Favorite toast: "Let’s drink to grief, let’s drown it, comrade of my wretched youth, where is the jar? Pour out and down it, wine will make us less uncouth!"