We’ve spent over a year painstakingly discovering partners for the first varietals of our luxury-at-a-discount boxed wine. Our wines are crafted from the same
grapes and by the same award winning winemakers of Chile’s finest wines. Combining decades of experience, modern technology and age-old techniques, the results are every bit as luxurious as they are respectful to the environment. By becoming our own importers and using innovative packaging, we’re able to filter away excess costs to offer a wine that allows for a tickling of the finer fancies, while pinching a pretty penny.

At Archer Roose, we’ve always had an appreciation for the boundary pushers, the feather rufflers and the unconventional explorers. In fact, Archer Roose is named after two such characters: Edith Wharton’s the distinguished Newland Archer and the boisterous Theodore Roosevelt. This contrast of sophistication and exploration is what makes our wine just as well-suited for fine dining as it is for unrefined adventuring. It also speaks to the type of people we are looking to recruit. So, if joining an energetic, fun and creative team sounds like something that gets you excited, consider the job below. We’re always looking for those with a passion for our mission coupled with talent to match.

We launched in 2015, founded on the belief that great wine should be accessible. Dedicated to the principles of transparency and "doing well by doing good," Archer Roose works with partners only with those that meet our high standards. 1% of profits will be made available to rural entrepreneurs in the fight against poverty. We are eager to share Archer Roose, and are looking to have amazing people like you join our team to help us launch, spread the word of our wine innovation, and help rural entrepreneurs, one box of wine at a time. 

Check out our job postings below!

Jobs in NYC:

Archer Roose Brand Ambassador

Jobs in Boston:

Digital Marketing MBA Intern