Cabernet Sauvignon


Our versatile Cabernet Sauvignon hails from the gravelly soil of the Chilean Maipo Valley. This dark ruby elixir is a medium bodied, approachable crowd-pleaser. It has a fruitful nose and tastes of chocolate and bravery. It’s dry, dangerously drinkable and the perfect companion for your favorite dish.

Rated a "Best Buy" by Wine Enthusiast, this wine has a rating of 86 points and costs $7.50 per bottle!

Culinary Delights to serve with our Cabernet Sauvignon


Wild Mushroom Risotto is a refined vegetarian meal that has a heartiness and earthy flavor that pairs perfectly. 

Andean Steak with Chimichurri is a colorful gaucho dish with boisterous flavors that bring out this Cabernet Sauvignon’s bold notes. 


Luca Hodgkinson

Archer Roose winemaker, Luca Hodgkinson, believes wine is all about connection. "The connection between taste of a wine and the pleasure it brings, to the soil and land it has been produced from, is the essence of life." This ethos drives Luca to champion sustainable methods for all of our partners and to produce more natural wines.

As wine lovers, Luca believes we are perennial explorers. "Diversity is the beauty of wine and the best way to learn more is through travel... Wine is about experiences." This can be for far-flung sojourns or at the home with family and friends.

Favorite recipe: Escamarlans amb pollastre i xocolata,  a catalan dish of prawns, chicken in a wine and chocolate sauce.

Favorite toast: "Let’s drink to grief, let’s drown it, comrade of my wretched youth, where is the jar? Pour out and down it, wine will make us less uncouth!"



Located a couple hours south of Santiago, the family-owned winery is the oldest continuously operated in Chile. While we loved their Cabernet Sauvignon from the first taste, we’ve been impressed by how thoughtfully they handle everything from the cultivation of their vines through their progressive bottling process.



This family-owned winery is run with careful consideration of its employees and the surrounding community. Special considerations are made during harvest to protect workers from the heat. And work shifts are rotated to different areas of the winery to keep work interesting and engaging.



The utmost care is given to the soil and the vines, with a full-time Head Agronomist retained to provide thoughtful consideration to all aspects of the relationship between grapes and soil. All of the waste generated, including glass, is recycled and repurposed.